Oh noz, another blog from these people???

Well, um, yeah. We have a few blogs floating around on teh InTeRwEbS.

There’s our first blog, about our cruise on the Carnival Triumph in September 2004. OK, that one is part website and part blog. Close enough.

Then there’s Meeting Fuji-san, which is about our trip to Japan in May of ’07.

Life in Martinsville is the blog for my business, Martinsville Emporium.

And since that wasn’t enough, I actually have two more, one for each of my other obsessions – girl + car and Dollies in the Window.

And now this one, as of yet unnamed, which will chronicle the various changes we’ll be doing on our house over the next year or so. Or longer.

Why so many different blogs, especially when I could just have one and put everything in it? I guess it’s a holdover from scrapbooking. I don’t have my wedding pictures in with the cruise pictures, because they are separate events in our family’s life.

So, if you don’t like that I’m taking up yet more bandwidth with trivialities, stop reading. ^_^


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